The right to have an abortion is healthcare

(דברים בכנס על עתיד ההפלות – מכללת נתניה).

Prof. Jacob Hart – President of Natanya Academic College and Dean of the School of Health Systems Management;
‏Prof. Hadara Bar-Mor, Head of MA degree program, School of Law
‏Dr. Yehezkel Margalit and Yonatan Kanir ,Dear students and guests,

‏I am happy to speak to you at this important conference on the future of abortions.
First of all, let me be clear. The right to have an abortion is healthcare.
‏Family planning and reproductive rights are critical to women's health.
‏The autonomy, I would even say, soverenity, of a woman to make choices over her body and life is a basic human right.
‏You can really see the status of women in a certain country through the lens of abortion and reproductive rights. Laws limiting her choice are a way to control and oppress women.
‏It is impossible to talk about this issue without addressing the decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade in June.
‏This unfortunate decision sends us 100 years back in time.
‏I believe that the core purpose of this decision is to oppress women.
‏The implications of banning abortions are broad, but above all, it is a matter of extensive damage to women's health.
‏Banning abortions will have a clear and definite result: the loss of many women's lives, particularly women from a low socioeconomic status – poor women.
‏Some say that a woman who wishes to end a pregnancy will find a way to do so. The question is at what cost and at what risk.
‏Thankfully, Israel is at a very different position than the United States on this matter. Here abortion are still regulated, it is still not a woman's fully independent choice, but our procedures and access are already much much better, and recently, I improved them.
‏We took an outdated set of laws and updated them to the 21st century.
‏Women won't be questioned anymore with personal, humiliating, interrogating questions on their sexual practices.
‏They won't be forced to meet with a social worker, but one will be available to them if they choose.
‏And medicinal and early-stage abortions will be available in the community, in our Kupot Cholim – HMO – clinics, not just in hospitals.
‏To me, the health system should be the flagship of equality. We must create a system that reduces disparities and provides health for all the people.

‏A system that promotes health and quality of life regardless of sex, gender, race or economic status.
‏We must protect Israel's position on this issue, and make sure that the US Supreme Court Decision will be a stand-alone setback, and not the beginning of a global trend to retract women's rights.
‏Thank you all for your attention to this important subject, and I wish you all an interesting and fruitful discussion. And of course – Shana Tova. Happy new year