The nurses are the backbone of our health system

It is my pleasure to be with you all here at The high-level dialogue for a strengthened health system: The government chief nursing and midwifery officers hub, together with representatives from 17 countries, with distinguished guests including the chief nurses of the WHO and of the European Region.

Nurses are on the front line of global and public health.
The success of our health services rests on your shoulders.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our nursing staff here in Israel, without whom our health service simply cannot function.

You are the backbone of our health system, and for that we are very grateful. Thank you.

Special mention goes to Dr Shoshi Goldberg, whose dedication as Israel’s Chief Nurse has been instrumental in promoting the nursing profession.

It’s true, not every country can have a Shoshi Goldberg, but every country that cares about nursing must have a Chief Nurse to pave the way for advocating for nurses and reforming the profession.
In April 2020, the WHO acknowledged the importance and successes of Israel’s nursing staff in its landmark designation of our Nursing Division as a WHO collaborating centre for Leadership and Governance.

I am proud that Israel is pioneering in the field of nursing.

Israel’s health system relies on its 88,000 nurses, in all parts of the country, providing a huge array of services in countless specializations – in hospitals, community clinics, and at the patient’s home.

Israel’s advances in nursing are conducted in collaboration with our friends and partners across the globe.

At the end of last year, the Nursing Division signed its Road Map, which included its commitments to international cooperation over the next 5 years, advancing four main areas.

• Workforce Recruitment & Professional development
• Training and Expanding educational opportunities
• Professionalism and care – Upholding and improving standards and unleashing potential
• Leadership and governance

I am confident that, together with our friends and partners around the world, we can advance the nursing profession, uphold standards of excellence, constantly improve practices, and improve healthcare for all.

Thank you.