Israel condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine

(דיון של ארגון הבריאות העולמי על המצב באוקראינה).

(דיון זום עם שר הבריאות האוקראיני, ויקטור ליאשקו – Viktor Liashko


Dear Ministers, Dear friends of the WHO and especially Dr. Kluge,

The Russian ongoing attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the international order. Israel
continues to condemn it and calls upon Russia to stop the attack and respect the territorial
integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Israel remains concerned over the impact on civilians, including the significant number of
civilian fatalities and mass displacement. The human rights and health of the Ukrainian
people must be respected and protected.

The invasion has had a devastating impact on Ukraine’s health system and has severely
restricted access to medicines, facilities, and health services for the Ukrainian population.
The war has also disrupted vaccination campaigns. Israel is concerned about the impact this
has on efforts to tackle non-communicable diseases and chronic infectious diseases such as
HIV and Tuberculosis.

Israel also notes with concern that WHO has confirmed over 100 attacks on health care.
Reduced health care and medicines due to hostilities are likely to worsen the health status
of the Ukrainian population. In addition to this, mental health and psychological needs of the
Ukrainian people are intensifying, and the COVID-19 situation remains fragile.

I myself was a witness to all that when I visited the Ukraine last month and talked to many
refugees. These people were treated by Israeli medical staff at the Kochav Meir or “Shining
Star” center in Mostyska, Ukraine.

Israel established this center in response to the ongoing attack,
also which over six weeks of operations treated over 6000 patients, carried out 21,000 lab
tests, analysed 800 diagnostic images, performed 40 surgeries, and delivered one baby. We
heard terrible stories from them.

Israel has provided over 100 tons of humanitarian and medical assistance to the people of
Israel will continue to do all that it can to assist the well being and heath of the Ukrainian

I thank you