PTSD Clinic will offer ambulatory mental services המהפכה בבריאות הנפש – חנוכת המרפאות לפוסט טראומה בבי״ח הרצוג

I am honored to be with you here today.

This is a grand institution that has been a focal point for medical care in Jerusalem for 128 years, and I am pleased to see this center continue to develop and renew.

I came here last winter, in Hannuka, to light a candle with your rehabilitation unit, and was deeply impressed by the devoted staff and high level of care.

I think I said this at that occasion as well, Herzog Medical Center has groundbreaking innovation in its DNA.

It is almost unheard of that this hospital offers mental health services for over a hundred years.

It is great to see you continue pushing the boundaries, setting and reaching new goals.

The PTSD and Health Clinic we are celebrating today will offer people of all ages and parts of societies access to ambulatory mental services in the highest standard today in the Jerusalem area.

It will also be the backbone for your in-patient units, and will hopefully enable their renovation as well.

I want to thank JNF Canada, and Dr. Max Glassman, may he rest in peace, and his family, for their commitment to this initiative. Without your generosity, it would not have happened.

The vision for this clinic has been in the works for over 7 years, and it is my honor to celebrate its opening today.

This ambulatory clinic will offer mental health services for children, adolescents, young adults, adults and the elderly.
Each population will receive care in accordance to their needs, based on the Ministry of Health’s programs and standards, and in collaboration with the Municipality of Jerusalem and the HMOs.

I hope you will do great things here, and that even for this well established and longstanding institution, this is just the beginning.