Israel-Germany Collaboration on Digital Health and AI – On the Rise

עם שר הבריאות הגרמני, פרופ׳ קארל לאוטרבך, ברלין - אוק׳ 2021


I am happy to open this wonderful Conference in Tel-Aviv.
We stated our collaboration in Germany exactly one year ago. And this is not trivial for governments to succeed in practical and long-term collaborations.
This is something that needs to be worked-on hard, and I'm very happy that after one year we can say that we are on the right track.
I would like to thank Health Minister Prof. karl lauterbach. His visit to Israel few months ago was another important building-block in our close relationship.
Many thanks also to Dr. Susanne Ozegowski, Director General for digitalization and Innovation, for her support and leading this close collaboration.
Thanks also to Elnet-Germany, Mr Carsten Ovens and the team, for the important work to promote the ties between Germany and Israel, in the field of health and many other areas.

Governments are not the only actors that need to work together to address the challenges of health care. The collaborations stretch across all sectors: health organizations, academia, and industry.
Therefore, I am happy to see here in the audience representatives of all these sectors.
Israel has started early in implementing innovation in the health system.
Therefore Israel has extensive experience to bring to the table.
but we face many of the same challenges: aging population, lack of manpower and physical infrastructure, rising drug prices… – All of them require us to re-think the rules of the game through the use of technology.
Using A.I. we can imagine a world where new tools enable decision support and diagnostics.
Health care can become more personalized.
Drug discovery can take full advantage of advanced computing technology to reach new discoveries faster.
Crisis managers can have better information to guide decision-makers.
Remote monitoring of patients can enable earlier detection of problems, while reducing the load on physicians.
The Covid was an important lesson to us all. Governments all around the world understand better the importance of Data. And they are willing to consider necessary changes in Data regulation.
The Reforms that are now being considered by the European Union. give patients-control over their health data, regulating A-I, and more. These reforms will have a direct effect on Israel regulatory environment.
When you want to make big reforms, you usually have one chance to do it right. It will take years to change the regulations. That is why I believe this collaboration is so important.
So, dear friends, let's learn from each other, and do it right at the first time.
Welcome to Israel, enjoy the nice weather, and try to make some time to see this ancient land.
Hertzlich Willcomen in Tel Aviv!